Another great "behind the cover" article from EgoTripLand, this time on Madvillainy, released 10 years ago this week. The cover is basically one part King Crimson, one part Madonna.

I almost chose this one for the cover of Volume 1

Speaking of the book- I’m working with a new publisher to get the price down. Maybe an alternate cover for v. 1.1?

Creative Diminishes

I had the pleasure of sharing AA books with Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath of Cave In the other night and I just wanted to thank them again for years of inspiration. Steve also introduced me to the original artist of the album cover via his Instagram post - Jacob Bannon of Converge.

A lot of new people have tuned into this project because of these posts and I’m even getting requests from across the country for wholesale prices for the book. What fun times we live in.

The 7” version of the album cover had die-cut holes, which inspired the quick animation of taking the vinyl out of the sleeve. Do yourself a favor and check out any of the near-countless Cave In related projects like Mutoid Man, Clouds, Zozobra, Old Man Gloom, Pet Genius, Octave Museum, Stove Bredsky….